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Download Admission Form for Intermediate/Degree-Part-1,II,& III
CBCS Pattern
List of Holidays of 2016
27/06/2019 Admission in B. Com (Hons) Semester – I Session 2019 – 22
27/06/2019 Ist List Commerce merit List for session 2019-22
21/06/2019 International Yoga Day Report 2019
Notice For Admission of Intermediate (IA/Isc/Icom) 2019-21
Notice For Admission of BBA 2019-22
06/05/2019 Notice for Regarding Internal Examination Date for UG-Session 16-19 Sem-VI
25/04/2019 Notice for MCOM-IV Sem Internal Examination Date for Session 17-19 Sem-IV
25/04/2019 Notice for Internal Examination Date for Session 16-19-UG Sem-IV
25/04/2019 Notice for Examination form Filling for Session 15-18-Sem-II and Sem-IV
07/03/2019 Notice for Interview of Computer Operator in B.Ed Section
05/02/2019 Notice for Revised Prgramme for MA/MSc/MCom Sem -III- 17-19
05/02/2019 Notice for Practical Examination ISc 2019 of Chemistry
05/02/2019 Notice for Practical Examination Isc 2019 of Physics
05/02/2019 Notice for Examination Form Filled B.A/B.Com/B.Sc session 16-19
01/02/2019 Notice for Special Classes on Sunday
24/01/2019 Notice for 1st Internal Test M.Com-I- Session 18-20
12/01/2019 Notice for Registration Forms IA/ISc/I.Com- Session 18-20
12/01/2019 Notice for Internal Examination for UG-Sem-5 Session16-19
10/01/2019 Notice for Attending Class for Session 18-20
21/12/2018 Internal Examination UG-Sem-1 Session 2018-21
21/12/2018 Examination Form Filling Notice for Intermediate 2017-19
16/11/2018 Placement Drive 18-19
13/10/2018 Registration of Intermediate(I.A/I.Sc/I.Com) with Late Fine session 2017-19
28/09/2018 Admission Notice in 2nd year of I.A/I.Sc/I.Com session 2017-19
14/09/2018 Internal Examination of M.Com-III (Sem-III) for 17-19
22/09/2018 Notice for Special Classes
08/09/2018 Placement Drive in P.K.Roy College,Dhanbad
08/08/2018 Viva-Voice Examination of B.Com -Sem-VI-16-18
08/08/2018 Internal Exam Notice for Semester-IV 16-19
06/08/2018 I.Com Supplimentery and Compartmental Notice for Submission of Project Report
02/08/2018 B.Com 6th Sem(15-18) Notice for Submission of Project Report
21/07/2018 M.Com 4th Sem(16-18) paper xvi (Desseration)
13/07/2018 Employee Notice For College Peon
29/06/2018 Notice For Internal Exam for Degree Sem-II Session 17-18
25/06/2018 Notice For Internal Exam for Mcom Sem-IV Session 16-18
23/06/2018 Notice For Internal Exam for Degree of Sem-VI Session 15-18
13/06/2018 Notice For Practical Exam for B.Ed of Sem-III Session 16-18
13/06/2018 Notice For Admission of BBA 2018-21
13/06/2018 Notice For Admission of Intermediate 2018-20
08/05/2018 Notice For Requirment of Teacher for Intermediate
24/03/2018 Notice For 3rd Internal Examination for 3rd Semester for Graduation
17/02/2018 Notice For Project Examination for I.Com
05/02/2018 Notice For Semester V  
05/02/2018 Internal Examination Notice
24/01/2018 Selection List of Student from Job Fair Held in P.K Roy College
17/01/2018 Rev2nd Internal Exam Test of M.Com Semester 3rd (Session 16-18)
11/01/2018 Revised Internal Exam programme for Degree -Semester -V (Session 15-17)
10/01/2018 Internal Exam programme for Degree -Semester -V (Session 15-17)
06/01/2018 Notice For Placement Drive
04/12/2017 Notice For Registration Slip (Arts/Commerce/Science)
10/11/2017 Notice Regarding Admission of PG For 1st Sem-2017
07/11/2017 Notice Regarding Registration Fee of UG
06/11/2017 Notice Regarding Admission of PG
03/10/2017 Notice Regarding 4th Semester Examaniation 2017
14/09/2017 Notice Regarding Admission in New Premises Session-2017-19
13/09/2017 Notice Regarding Admission in New Premises Session-2017-19
23/08/2017 Revised Notice Regarding M.Com Session-2017-19
21/08/2017 Admission Notice Regarding U.G Semester-1(Arts/Science/Commerce) Session-2017-19
21/08/2017 Internal Exam programme for Degree -Semester -I (Session 16-19)
17/08/2017 Admission Notice Regarding M.Com Session-2017-19
17/08/2017 Application Notice Regarding M.Com Session-2017-19
26/07/2017 Admission Notice for Intermediate Session-2017-19
19/07/2017 Internal Exam programme for Degree -Semester -IV
17/07/2017 Admission Related Notice Session 17-20
17/01/2017 Examination Related Notice Session 15-18 (Sem-3)
17/01/2017 Notice to All Heads of Department for Examination
06/01/2017 Notice For Appointment of Guest Faculty
11/12/2016 Download SEM-III Exam Notice
02/11/2016 SEM-I Exam Notice


All students of Degree Semester–I, P.G.(Com) Sem-I are directed to receive Identity Cards from their respective Faculty Counters positively.                     



11/11/2016 Download Format of Affidavit for Submission with nomination Form
11/11/2016 Download Admission Notice (UG Sem III,PG III)
11/11/2016 Download Students-Union-Regulations-of-VBU
11/11/2016 Download Election Schedule of College and University
11/11/2016 Download चुनाव सम्बन्धी शंका समाधान


All regular students of Degree and Post-graduate courses are directed to submit their Aadhar Nos. to their respective Faculty clerks at the earliest.



Examination Notice

It is notified for information of all concerned students who failed to appear at the Internal Examination of BA/B.Sc/B.Com Semester- II (Session 2015-18) that their Internal Examination will be conducted on 05/08/2016 as per following schedule.

i)                    B.Com (Hons/Gen/Generic)         From 09:00A.M to 12:00 Noon


ii)                  B.A/B.Sc (Hons/Gen/Generic)     From 12:30 P.M to 3:30 P.M


Please note that this is the last chance and no examination will be conducted further.


Date 11/03/2016

Internal Test of Semester–II (Two) of Arts, Science, Commerce & B.B.A (Hons), Session 2015-18 will be held in the college as per the following schedule. Students concerned are directed to appear at the examination accordingly.

Revised Programme of Semester II Internal Test (Session 2015-18)



1st Sitting

(9:00 AM to 12:Noon)

2nd Sitting

(1:00PM -4:00PM)


Commerce (Core/Hons) III & IV

Science (Core/Hons)


Commerce Generic

Management Principal& Application

Corporate Laws

E.S.Arts all (1:00-2:30PM)

Hist (Gen/Sub) B.B.A(E.S), 2:30PM to 4:00PM 


Commerce Elective Course

Business Statistics

Commerce Generic

Business statistics

9:00AM to 10:30AM

Sc .Generic/Sub/Gen

9:00AM to 10:30AM 

Pol.Sc Core III & IV (H)

Hist Core III & IV (H)

Eco Core III & IV (H)


Core/Hons III & IV

Hindi,English,Sanskrit,Urdu,Bengali, Philosophy

English (Generic)


Hindi, Sanskrit,Urdu, Bengali, Philosophy

BBA (Core)

Paper IV & V


E.S (Sc & Com)

9:00AM to 10:30AM

BBA (Core/Hons) Paper VI

1:00PM to 2:30 PM

Pol.sc (Gen/sub)

1:00PM to 2:30PM

BBA (Elective)

2:30PM to 4:00PM

 C.E                                                                                                                               Principal

1 Date 18/03/2016   New Tender and Notification
2 Date 22/01/2015


College shall remain closed on 23/01/2015 & 24/01/2015 on account of NETAJI JAYANTI & BASANT PANCHAMI as notified in the University Holiday List.                                                   


3 Date 22/01/2015 NOTICE 2

All Teaching, Non-Teaching Staff Members & Students are requested to attend the Flag Hoisting Ceremony on 26/01/15 (Republic Day) at 09:00 am positively.                                                          


3 27/01/2015 NOTICE 3

It is hereby notified for the students concern of M. Com, Session   2014 - 2015 that duly filled in Registration forms along with fee without late fine will be accepted in the college upto 29th January 2015.


4 27/01/2015 NOTICE 4

All classes will remain suspended w.e.f 28/01/2015 to 06/02/2015 due to the examination of class XI (Intermediate 1st Year) to be conducted in two sitting.                                                    


5  07/05/2015 TENDER NOTICE -5


Tender Notice

 Sealed Tender are invited in duplicate from Registered contractors for the work as scheduled below :


Name of work

Approx value of work

Amount of Earnest Money

Cost Of BOQ

Period of Completion of work.


Renovation of New Building at RSP College,Jharia


2% of Total Work

Rs 750/-